This app has been blocked by the system administrator - but I am the admin

I want to give Obsidian a try (on Windows 10), however something is not right.
I had troubles while installing the app - the installation would hang around this percentage:


However, after killing it, it *seems * Obsidian is installed - but when I click on the .exe, I get this message.
I am the system admin, I have no problems installing other programs (including random exes from Github), so I wonder what can be done here. I tried running it as administrator, checking if it’s blocked by anything, moving it out from AppData folder but still no change.


No further info available on this message box…

Actually, after writing this post, I ran the installation again, and this time… it succeeded, but ended up with the ‘Got Blocked’ warning.
Then, I tried running it as Admin (again, like yesterday) and this time it worked.
Sadly, setting it to ‘Always run as administrator’ does not work, but when I each time right click and ‘Run as admin’, then it works.

For me that’s pretty much resolved, but I’ll leave it here - perhaps the product team would be interested in knowing that some users might have problems at start.


I was just reading your post and wondering what might have caused it! Glad it’s installed now! Happy Obsidianing (or what ever you call it!) :slight_smile:

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Yeah, no idea what caused it… I had several attempts yesterday, including changing some registry values etc… and today it worked. Apparently a finite number of restarts and retries fixes any software problem:)

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Great :+1:

Just chiming in to see if others are having this issue.

I have admin rights on my computer, but apparently the packaging of the app violates my workplace’s group policy (something about writing to and running from the appdata folder - I’ll confess I don’t fully understand).

It’s strange because I can install other apps like Roam (I believe Roam and Obsidian are both electron apps, but maybe I’m missing some obvious difference between apps and how they install/run).

Any thoughts on what would need to change about Obsidian to make it more palatable.

Not sure if this is related to Windows: Allow Single-User Installation if a Portable App isn’t in the cards