Third party syncing folders not visible in file picker (Android)

I want to be able to sync my vault with Google Drive, but the file picker doesn’t list the Google Drive option, like file pickers for other apps do. I do think this is an issue with Obsidian and not something else, because many other apps can use the built in GDrive or OneDrive folders that automatically sync with the respective services.

Is there some way to select that folder?

Please, read the docs about syncing.

I have read them, and the docs only say that you can open up already synced local folders, which is true and works fine. I’m asking whether it’s possible to open up a remote folder like other apps can?

I have read those exact docs, and it doesn’t say anything about a remote folder. Of course if it isn’t intended to be a feature please say so, so I can find another solution. But other apps that are local-first (for example the KeePass Android clients) allow you to use remote files and folders.

You can’t use remote folders that way because this is local first.

Do you see the section Third Party sync? That is it for android.

This is also relevant. Maybe it’ll make you understand the issue

Alright, thank you for your answer. I suggest to add that part from the iOS docs to the Android docs for visibility and to explain why the native syncing clients aren’t supported.

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