There is a ugly file list in the bottom half every time I open obsidian

Things I have tried

I have no idea how to close it, the only way to remove it for me now is close all the panel and reopen them.

What I’m trying to do

Please help me …

Try turning off Settings > Backlinks > Backlink in document if it’s on (and if I understand your problem).

The big black panel in the bottom half, I can’t close it, I can’t even do anything to it, left click, right click, drag, and I don’t know where it is here. It covers the content in my file.

I’m sorry it doesn’t work…

Thank you anyway!

Does the problem happen in the sandbox vault (which you can open from the Help menu)?

It doesn’t happen in the sandbox vault, no strange panel like this in sandbox vault

Ok, so the problem is caused by a plugin or theme (I would guess plug-in, but you only use 1 theme, so it’s easy to check). You’ll need to disable and reenable plugins until you find which one it is.

I would start first with ones that sound like they could be related; if any say they add a panel at the bottom of a note, then obviously try that one first. I recommend restarting Obsidian after each disabling, to clear out anything from the the plugin that may still be loaded.

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Thanks a lot, I found it, it’s the plugin called Bartender
Now my problem is solved.

Thank you again!!!

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