Theme that doesn't make headings bigger?

Hi all! I am looking for a theme that does not expand the size of headings in editor view. I’m an old school Markdown person and seeing different font sizes outside previews is like a stone in my shoe. My go-to themes all seem to have started doing this. Any suggestions welcome. I know I could change CSS but honestly I want to support designers who retain this.

FWIW I found Purple Owl which I don’t love but which keeps all fonts the same size! Other suggestions welcome tho.

In Shimmering Focus (with style settings plugin) you can set the ratio for the headings … I guess when you set them all to 1 all headings are the same. But I did not tested this.

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As @johw mentioned, several themes allow you control font size for all headings via the Style Settings plugin. Minimal theme for sure has this level of control.

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