Theme: Summer Flow (dark/light)

For Obsidian 0.10.6 - dark/light
I hope you like this theme.
Please turn off the translucent window if you use the light mode.





  • Fixed list display problem
  • Fixed link display problem


  • Added dark mode.


  • Fixed the note select problem
  • Changed the style of the blockquote
  • Changed the style of the Graph view
  • Added header suffix

SummerFlow.css (19.9 KB)
Or from github :point_right::point_right::point_right:


Where do these nice folder icons come from? Can’t find them as part of your css…

Thanks for using this theme. You can add emoji for folders when you rename your folder.

If you use macOS, you can use Command+Control+Spacebar to input emoji.

Or you can go to some websites like getemoji, to find the emoji you like and paste it before your folder name.

Ah - that did the trick! :wink:
Yet I am not sure if this a really good solution with a view to folder names… :thinking:
I use css for this, but I haven’t figured out so far if there’s a possibility (actually I am sure there should be…) to assign different icons to different folders…

It’s may possible, I think, I will try in the next update :thinking:

Hello, I really enjoy this theme. It’s the only one I’ve used for a month already. However, there’s something that I always notice. I don’t know enough CSS to fix it.

Lists in preview mode are kind of clunky and have multiple decorators. See in screenshot. Decorator is also too close to the item.

EDIT: Also, for some reason, the blue in my theme is lighter than the blue in your screenshot. Hmmm.

EDIT2: Additionally, list decorators are not visible for parent nodes in preview mode:

Edit mode: image
Preview mode: image

Thanks for telling me, I will fix this problem recently.

Hi, I fixed the problem you’ve mentioned, please download the new CSS file to your theme folder, and choose summerflow in the appearance setting. :wink:

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