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sorry, i tried the same in a sandbox vault and it worked normally as you said… probably some plugin interfering in the main vault

it worked properly when i disabled the style settings plugin…

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ok so when i use the default colors for bold texts in style settings it works normally with hide.

but when i keep custom colors for bold texts like orange , it is not getting hidden.

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what looks good in light mode looks bad in dark mode…

make it something that looks good to the eyes in both modes

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probably we can have a separate option to highlight color for dark and light mode

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Ok, thanks for letting me know that this only happens if you change the bold color. Thanks also for the image. I’ll take a look and hope to fix it soon.

About the text color (hidden text underline), I will add the Style Settings option so that you can choose the color you prefer for the hidden text foreground color. We will be able to select one color for light mode and another for dark mode, but the default will be black for both modes (yellow background with black text).

I will add the option to select a highlight background color for light and dark modes too.

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Please check theme version 14.3.6. Hopefully it was fixed. The default color of the dark mode foreground is still white, but you can change it using the Style Settings.

You can change both foreground and background colors for the hidden text underline feature. This background color is now independent of the highlight color.

All the best

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Theme update 14.3.6


  • Hidden text underline (bold and italic color fix). Now you can change the bold/italic color and hide the text.

  • Hidden text underline: Removed the hidden classes. Please use hide classes with the underline <u> tags (available classes: hide, hide-c, hide-r and hide-rc). Easier to remember and use.

  • Global highlight background color - independent color for light/dark modes.

  • Hidden text underline background color (highlight) - independent color for light/dark modes

  • Hidden text underline foreground color - independent color for light/dark modes

Hidden text underline options (4 options):

  1. Show text on hover (hide text on live preview and reading modes)

Add the hide class to the <u> HTML tags.

You can <u class="hide">hide</u> the text.

  1. Show text on click and hold (hide text on live preview and reading modes)

Add the hide-c class to the <u> HTML tags (it will reveal on click).

You can <u class="hide-c">hide</u> the text.

  1. Hide text on reading mode only - show on hover

Add the hide-r class to the <u> HTML tags. It will reveal on hover (reading mode).

You can <u class="hide-r">hide</u> the text.

  1. Hide text on reading mode only - show on click

Add the hide-rc class to the <u> HTML tags. It will reveal on click (reading mode).

You can <u class="hide-rc">hide</u> the text.

All the best

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i would like something like an inline comment feature…

so that i can add some extra not very important details or hints to remember in a text that will reveal like a pop out or simply in the same line when i hover over the text…

this way i can add info and also not clutter the important stuff

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I tried the comments plugin by Darakah … its kinda outdated and was not displaying the comments properly for me… so i thought i would be nice to have something integrated with magicuser theme

Thanks for the suggestion. Here is a quick preview.

Inline Comments (Quick Preview)


  • You can add HTML links, bold, italic, u, mark tags to your inline comments.

  • They will show on hover and you can also interact with the comment elements (just stay with the mouse inside the comment area).

If you or others have any suggestions let me know before I upload the new theme version with the new feature.

EDIT: These comments will not be exported to PDF (visible only - live preview and reading mode).

All the best


Theme update 14.4.0


MagicUser Inline Comments

  • Inline interactive comments. You can add inline comments to any part of your note, and when you hover over it, the content will be displayed in a box. The comment icon will be highlighted.

  • You can add HTML bold <b>, italic <i>, links <a href>, <u>, <mark> tags in order to format your comments to make it easier to you to review them.

  • They were designed for quick comments 1 - 4 paragraphs.

  • The inline comments will not be printed or exported to PDF.


  1. Add the <i> tag with the class muc (MagicUser Comment)
  2. Inside <i class="muc"> just add a <span> tag with your comment. There is no need to add any class to the span tag.

Please see the example below

This is the text of your note <i class="muc">
    This is your first inline comment.

  • If you’re used to HTML, just make it one line:
This is the text of your note <i class="muc"><span>This is your inline comment.</span></i>

Thanks to @fred.joe3697 for the suggestion.

I hope you enjoy.

All the best


Thank you for the update.

this functions well, enabling me to incorporate additional content without concern regarding cluttering the space.

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How can i assign a shortcut to activate and deactivate distraction free mode. ?

also i want to hide the properties section that is displayed in all notes by deafault…

can it be made to directly enter source mode from reader mode… using hotkeys

right now i am able to enter source mode only after toggling to editor mode (live preview)

when i disable the readable line length from the editor…

the table looks stretched out like below…

it looks fine in live preview mode …

I decided to remove the shortcuts (related to theme → Style Settings). Even though it worked well, when using the command triggered by the Command Palette or a shortcut key, an error message appeared in the Console (developer tool). When no error messages appear (using this Style Settings feature), I will add them again.

You can create a shortcut to quickly enter in Style Settings theme options. Then use the search feature to quickly get to this theme option (distraction-free mode).

When using distraction-free mode, remember that you can navigate through tabs using Ctrl + 1, or Ctrl +2
You can also use Ctrl+o and type the filename

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I don’t know if it’s currently possible (a specific shortcut for source mode). Perhaps you can suggest this feature to the Obsidian team if it hasn’t already been suggested.

You can create a shortcut to toggle live preview/source mode. There is already one to toggle reading mode (Ctrl +E → Windows, or Cmd+E → Mac). Maybe add Alt+E (to toggle live preview/source mode) or any other shortcut key you like.

So you could use Ctrl +E then Alt+E to change to the desired mode.

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Currently, using this theme, tables will be extended to the available page width.

In your opinion, what would be the best option for tables when disabling readable line length? centered table?

since everything starts from the left by default, i would prefer the table to start from the left and fit to the content with reasonable spacing.

the problem with readable line length turned on is when i have big tables, that i have to scroll from right and left just to see the whole table… but i can still zoom out so that works…

Thanks. I will see what I can do about this (theme related), when possible.

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