Theme: BENWF (Light/Dark) (deprecated)

A minimalistic dark and light theme, with focus on plain text and UI elements inspired by iA Writer.

You can find the theme in the Community themes section in your Obsidian configuration (or download the latest obsidian.css from the Github repository).

Happy styling!


I made lots of tweaks the last few weeks, and the plain text editor should be as plain text as possible by now (except for the accent color, which you can easily change).

Feedback welcome!

Also, @licat, I’d really feel honoured if you’d include the theme now that it’s on Github :slight_smile:


Yay it’s ready! Adding it now :slight_smile:


Yay thank you!

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Thank you so much. This is now my go-to theme in Obsidian!


I’ve logged this weird search-result related jitter error when using this theme in Obsidian 0.8.0: - just thought I’d post about it here for visibility. This could (naturally) be due to something in my own environment, but the issue stopped when I used the default Obsidian theme instead.

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Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: I’m on it!

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Well, if it isn’t working now, it’s at least pretty looking while doing so :wink:

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@Silver I think @pivic has found a strange edge case that might be of interest to you:

IIRC there was a similar / the same bug somewhere else mentioned on Discord, but I just can’t find it anymore. It appears to happen for him only with this search string, though.

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Please let me know if I can help out with this in any way. No other searches have, so far, resulted in the same weird behaviour.

I updated the theme to accommodate for a better Obsidian experience and usability, and thus slowly moved away from iA Writer’s typography. (The UI elements are still the main inspiration.)

If you’re looking for a iA Writer like color scheme and typography, I’d recommend checking out Theme: obsidian_ia / Another iA Writer inspired theme or if you’re looking for a theme implementing the Apple HIG this Minimal CSS theme.

Feedback welcome :slight_smile:

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Now correctly supports 0.8.1 new outline feature.


Thank you so much for keeping up-to-date with what’s being updated in Obsidian! Wow. Talk about responsive development! :hugs:

Spontaneously—using your theme—things now look smaller in Obsidian. I’ve no issue with this as I guess it’s a matter of getting used to the new stuff.

Thank you for using it :slight_smile:

Here are two things you could try:

  1. either zooming in (menu ViewZoom In)
  2. or tell me which things you’d like enlarged, and I see what I can do :wink:
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Really nice theme - clean, easy to see everything . . . “It just works.”

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Deprecated in favor of:

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Is your GitHub totally gone?

Yup. It just didn’t make sense to keep it online anymore as those two themes do a much better job, and so much has changed meanwhile.

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this might be the best looking theme i’ve seen, is it still available? i couldn’t find it on obsidian or github.

Russ –

thank you for your kind words!

Alas, it’s not. Maybe these two alternatives are to your liking?