Theme Acting Weird After Copy Paste

Things I have tried

I copied some text and pasted it into another note in my vault. After doing that the text color was a different color.

I tried resetting everything but it still is doing it.
I was using a community theme so I switched back to the default theme and uninstalled the community one.
Then I opened the note as a text file in notepad. I deleted everything and pasted it back into notepad, then saved it. When I opened Obsidian again the text changed back to the colors it should be.
BUT now whenever I open a new note it’s the color I don’t want it to be. :confused:

Extra info if it matters. I use Obsidian Sync and have my vault in g drive. I have my desktop connected to the drive.

This is driving me crazy please help.

What I’m trying to do

Here is a screenshot. It should be white.


Might the 2 open square brackets after "Links: " be causing it?

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YES. OMG thank you. Have a great day and good karma for the week.

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