The web page saves multiple images to a file and the later image replaces the previous image, that's a problem right?

Can’t name it randomly?

The first note copied and pasted multiple images from the web page, the second note also copied and pasted multiple images, and found that the images in the first notebook had been replaced, this problem added a lot of duplication, search, correction work to the notes, very tiring!

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Hi, I can’t reproduce your problem. Please, file a more detailed bug report.

I know why.
A lot of the images are under the root directory and very messy. So I put them in a folder, but then in the process of editing, a new image was added, but this image was not in the folder, so the same name appeared, so the image was replaced.


Ok so this is not a bug. If can have a folder collect all your images. You need to select a folder, right-click, set as attachment folder. All things that you paste will end up there.

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