The URI for creating new notes show have a folder name parameter to create the note at the folder no matter its location

Use case or problem

A user may want to create new notes with the Obsidian URI for whatever reason as described here: Obsidian URI - Obsidian Help. They can only specify the name or the path.

Proposed solution

There should be a parameter for folder name so the user can enter in both the name and folder, and the note will be created in that folder, no matter what the path of that folder is.

I think this is problematic since folders are not unique: you can have a folder called MyFolder in Vault/Folder/MyFolder or Vault/MyFolder. Symbolic links might offer solution. Note also Symbolic links and junctions - Obsidian Help

Perhaps one of two things could be done: Obsidian picks whichever folder, or you pick the folder and Obsidian can remember it even if you change the location of it.

It’s right there on the page you linked:

This opens the vault my vault, and creates a new note at path/to/my note

This creates a new note with the name and folder specified.

You will likely want to use the file parameter rather than path:

file a vault absolute path, including the name. Will override name if specified.

It’s all there in the docs.