The unified link is #^

The link to the title is not unique,
For example [[A#aaa]], once a new ##aaa is added to the top of the article when you modify the article, then all links to the later aaa will be replaced by the new ##aaa
If all the links relied on a unique ID ^J20240711162331, then this problem would not occur
And the ID after the ^ can be completely hidden with CSS

Is this different from this feature request?

These two needs are fundamentally different
For links, uniqueness and stability are the most important
And that demand doesn’t solve the problem

Here are some examples




If I modify the article after it is written, add a cccc in the first line
So if it’s just the full path, there’s still a problem
Because unlike windows folders, you can’t have two subfolders with the same name in a folder
There is no program to protect me from having two identical titles in an article when I edit it
Especially if the article is long, I will break the link once the same title appears when I revise it
So the safest way is to use a unique ID, and I’m currently using my own id “J” + time
This ensures that there will not be two identical headings that will confuse the links

You are describing the same issue as the feature request linked above.

The issue is the same, but i think @charleslu is asking for automatically updating the links if additional heading with the same text are added after the first link is created.

The title of this thread is confusing.

Well, automatic updates seem to be a solution, but I wonder if the program will be able to tell that I added the title with the same name

My intention is to unify the title link with the block link
As shown in the figure

All links are linked with a unique ^ID

In this way, the logic is single, there is no repetition, and each plug-in can also be processed for a single logic