The theme and plugin store should show images and allow devs to upload images of their plugins or themes

Use case or problem

Many 3rd party plugin and theme stores in other software show images to quickly show previews before users install them. Some even have galleries on the plugin / theme page to help quickly get lots of information about them before installing. Here are examples in the Chrome web store.

Proposed solution

The Obsidian stores should show photos in the plugin store, and if there are no images uploaded, it can say something like “no image available” instead. It should also let devs upload and manage gallery photos. An interface for should be available for devs like that.

This is already possible and all themes have thumbnails and devs can put images in their readme.

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OK, but can you edit my title to this:

The plugin store should show images and allow devs to upload images of their plugins.

And remove details from my post about themes?

But this is possible too. plugin dev can describe their plugin in the readme and add images too.

OK I’ll admit, I didn’t double check before writing this. How about changing it so that the request is just adding images right on the plugin store navigation, since everything else I mentioned is already there?

Right now that’s not there.

For many (or most) plugins I for one don’t see the need to add images related to plugins. It’s more than good enough to have a textual explanation on the description, and have any images in the documentation. It would be hard, and borderline meaningless, to demand an image for many of the plugins.

So in my point of view, there is nothing left of your request, and all bases have already been covered.

Agreed :arrow_up:

This plugin even has a slick animated gif showing what it does.

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