The software freezes and crashes after clicking the delete document button

Steps to reproduce

just click the delete document button

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? [Y/N]

Expected result

delete successfully

Actual result


win11 v1.5.3

Additional information

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I’m sorry but what “delete document button” are you referring to ? :thinking:

I mean, to delete a note, I have to “trigger” a menu somewhere and select an option which can be (depending from where I trying to delete the note):

  • Delete” (from Obsidian File Explorer)
  • Delete file” (from the “3 dots menu” sitting at the top right corner of my note)
  • Delete current file” (from the command palette)

Also, were you able to reproduced this within the Sandbox vault (accessible from Help or the command palette) with Obsidian set to use the default theme, no plugins and no css snippet ?

I am having the same problem. Anyone have a fix?

@Pch I am getting this issue in two ways:

  1. Right clicking on a file in the explorer panel on the left side and clicking delete
  2. Opening up the Command Palette and selecting Delete current file

Freezes both ways. Since this started happening I have had to go to Finder to delete a file instead of being able to do it from the Obsidian interface.

EDIT: I just tried the Sandbox vault and it deletes with no problem. When I get a chance I will turn off my plugins and try turning them back on one by one. Will update here once I do.

One note about the freezing. When it freezes, it doesn’t fully freeze. Meaning I can still scroll up and down on a note with my mouse scrollwheel. I just can’t click in to anything.

I turned restricted mode on to disable all plugins. I changed appearance to the default and turned off all snippets. Still freezes. I then turned off all core plugins and still freezes.

Help! Anyone have any ideas what else it could be?

Where is your vault located on disk? Is it in a cloud sync location? On external storage? Network attached storage? Anything like that? The path of the vault could be a clue here.

I’ve seen a vault in a OneDrive folder hang for a few seconds when deleting a file on an older Windows machine.