The size of the math font used in the title is small

It looks like a simple feature request. Or it could be a bug.


You posted this in Feature Request. I also don’t know if it would be better as a bug report. I did move it over to Bug reports.

I can reproduce this. It happens in the help vault, with no custom CSS.

I’m just not sure if it makes sense to expect anything different. This is how the CSS renders the math font. Does it make sense to actually include math in a title? Do you have an actual example of using this? (Legitimate questions. I’m not sure!)

I agree. This is a bug (?) that does not need to be fixed immediately. This is just a simple report.

Not sure if this should be a feature request or a bug report, so feel free to move if I got it wrong.

But as per the title, the size of equations doesn’t scale with the font size of headings. This effectively makes it impossible to use latex in headings. As an example:


For example, stackoverflow handles this fine: the same typed in a mathjax-enabled stackexchange site gives


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To answer this, it absolutely makes sense. It’s extremely useful to better organise math-based notes imo.

As for examples, say I’m writing notes about Lie group representations. Headings could look like

# Role of $\mathrm{exp}:\mathfrak{so}(3)\to\mathbf{SO}(3)$

# Representation theory of $\mathbf{SO}(3)$

# Representation theory of $\mathbf{SU}(2)$

The same goes for note titles by the way.


Until this is fixed - is there any workaround using custom CSS?

In Live Preview the inline equations don’t scale in Headings (but in Reading Mode they do).

Live Preview:

Reading Mode:

will be fixed in 0.13.27

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