The sidebar has disappeared after I use the latest obsidian1.1.16

I have a vault which was created by obsidian 1.0.3, but today I open the vault with obsidian 1.1.16, unfortunately, when I open this vault, the sidebar has disappeared.
What’s even more outrageous is that the symbols “×” of files are also gone. But I creat a new vault with obsidian 1.1.16, the file has no problem, I can find the side bar and “x” of files. This screenshot shows that the vault created by obsidian 1.0.3 is opened with obsidian 1.1.16. I can’t find sidebar!

There are some debugging steps listed here that you can try to follow: About the Bug reports category - #11 by system

Try going through those steps and see if they help.

(Check for theme and plugin updates. Test in the default theme. Test with plugins turned off. etc.)

Those steps might fix the problem. Or they might show which plugin, or theme, or CSS snippet is causing the trouble.

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