The option to have two folders open in the left sidebar

Use case or problem

I’m in the process of combining notes with pictures. I have imported a folder with 800+ notes. I have already a folder with pictures. I don’t want to double pictures if not necessary. So I’m scrolling 1.200+ lines up to find the appropriate picture. If the combination is made, I have to scroll al 1.200+ lines down again for the next one.

Proposed solution

To have the option to have two folders open in de left sidebar. Or even a twin of the sidebar.

Current workaround (optional)

—I haven’t found a temporary solution (hence this request)—

Related feature requests (optional)

Do these pictures have the same file names? If so could you not copy them to the assets folder via your system explorer and when it asks what to do with duplicate files say skip or replace?

No, it is to avoid having duplicates. I want to reuse illustrations when possible. So them having the same name shouldn’t show up in the equation.

I would like to have the opportunity to have two different sorting orientations: the notes most often on New → Old, or vice versa, and the illustrations nearly always
on A → Z, or vice versa.