The Official Readwise Obsidian Integration Has Launched πŸš€

Unfortunately, my books are not synchronized. However, the highlights can be found in Readwise. Highlights from Article are synced normally.
I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin several times.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what else I can do to make the synchronization work completely.

Probably a long shot to this. Looks like Kindle has certain books that contain highlight/notes limit/truncated. I was hoping Readwise would extract all, however that does not seem to be the case.

Would anyone know a workaround? I’m not trying to copy entire books, I just highlight and notate a lot more for certain books.

If not, Readwise is pretty worthless to me other than making it it slightly more automatic to what I was doing.

I have the Readwise official plugin working fine on Obsidian on my Macbook Air. Does it make sense to install the separate iOS Readwise plugin on my iPad? Or would it muddle the sync if I had two Obsidian vaults (which sync with one another) also trying to independently sync with Readwise?

I already get the Readwise highlights on my iPad without the iOS plugin, because as I said I sync vaults on my computer, iphone and ipad.

I guess my question amounts to this: Which is better?

Readwise β†’ Obsidian (Mac) β†’ Obsidian (iPad)


Obsidian Mac <=>Readwise<=> Obsidian iPad

Or maybe it makes no difference?

Thanks and apologies again if this is a dumb question.


Are you using Obsidian Sync to sync among devices? If this is the case, and you set it to sync everything, including the settings for plugins, this means that the data.json file and the Readwise would also be synced. Then I am not sure if it matters that much on which device you sync Readwise data to.

I am using Obsidian sync. Plugins didn’t sync, though, and I installed the iOS version of Readwise on the iPad. Then I removed it as I noticed that the Readwise folder was appearing already on the iPad (of course, because of sync).

Looks like I need to take a look at my sync settings.

Thanks for the clarification!


Yep, I was not syncing plugins. Fixed. Thanks again!

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Any plans to make this work with Kobo readers?