The Official Readwise Obsidian Integration Has Launched 🚀

Hey guys, Erin here with Readwise :slight_smile:

Excited to share that we just shipped our official Obsidian integration!

With this premium plugin, you’ll be able to:

↔️ Automatically and continuously export all (or a select few) of your highlights directly into Obsidian.

:framed_picture: Export enriched metadata (eg book covers) and even highlighted images.

:memo: Fine tune how your highlights format in Obsidian using our powerful templates including support for YAML front matter.

And if you’ve been tagging in Readwise for a while , you’ll likely be welcomed by an epic knowledge graph similar to our co-founder Dan’s:

You can try it out here → Readwise Official Obsidian Integration

Note: This plugin requires a subscription with Readwise — a paid service that makes it easy to aggregate and review all your reading data into one place.

If you’re new to Readwise or have been waiting on this integration, feel free DM me and I’d be happy to reinstate your free trial :slight_smile:


I love this so much! I happened to see the plugin while browsing the community plugins today (as you do), and my eyes about popped out of their sockets. I am a huge, huge Readwise fan, and had struggled with my own hacky Python implementation of this in the past. Wrote a blog post here on how to get it set up, out of sheer excitement. :sweat_smile: Maybe it’s useful to others!


This is FANTASTIC. I migrated recently from Roam to Obsidian and Readwise integration was one thing I was truly hoping I didn’t have to wait forever for.

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Same here. I was so happy to see this appear today. Readwise is a fantastic service and now I can link to these books from my notes. Fantastic.

I am interested in knowing what theme is used here: image

Huge Readwise fan. I highlight in Kindle all the time.

If you don’t know already, in Twitter you can reply with

@readwiseio save
@readwiseio save thread

and the tweets will be saved. I unfortunately just realized I had been using the former when I meant the latter!


I’m trying this but getting a “Sync failed” shortly after I hit “Run sync”. I had a Readwise folder from manual markdown exports, which I renamed before doing this. It did not get recreated.

Is there a log file or something where I can see what’s going on?

Updated 8/13 am: this is solved now; it was apparently an issue they’ve since resolved.

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This integration has made me a first time Readwise customer and got me thinking a lot about possibilities for syncing Kindle highlights and notes through to Obsidian.

Here’s the one sticking point I’ve found.

I’m really enjoying the daily review process of reading old highlights in Readwise. The challenge I’m finding is that after my Readwise highlights have been synced to Obsidian, it will no longer sync through new notes on highlights I might leave while doing my daily review.

This makes any notes left in Readwise after an initial sync much less valuable (because I can’t utilize them in Obsidian).


@erinmoore Here’s my pitch for Readwise to figure out how to sync through current notes

Right now, Readwise basically acts as a passthrough for my Kindle notes to get into Obsidian. This is great, and I love that functionality…but

If Readwise could sync current notes, it would then be a product that constantly enriches and refreshes the connection between all my reading, all through committing to a simple and enjoyable Readwise daily review. In short, Readwise becomes much more valuable and indispensable.

Just my two cents. Thanks!


More and more I have been saving Tweet threads with Readwise, note you have to put the “save thread” on the LAST tweet of the thread, I did not know this.

BUT, now i imported a bunch of tweets and my Obsidian Tags are out of control because of all the hash tags in the tweets. I am not going to include them anymore.

I sent a request into Readwise to be able to not include them for Obsidian.

That seriously just looks like the default light theme.

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Fantastic ! :star_struck:

I’ve work a bit with the formmating to match the same formation in the Admonition plugins on obsidian. What I have observe is that if you already have the Readwise plugin in sync, you might have a problem when you want to change the basic formating. The first time I did it, Obsidian was stuck in a « Export » mode… like I had the same export message every 4 seconds without any progress. I desactivated the plugins, did the changes I wanted in the formating and then, reactivate the plugins and it did work just fine.

Either way, thank you very much ! It absolutly justify my subscription to Readwise.

When there are new highlights, Readwise appends the entire highlights (book title + all previous highlights) again. Is it possible to only append the new highlight? Or is this a bug?


It would be awesome if twitter hashtags could be automatically put into code ticks >.>

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The integration with Readwise is working great for me, with one detail. For each note created (one note per book title), I will see the content three times. In other words, if the structure of the note is:

Note example




  • Author: [[Jared Diamond]]
  • Full Title: Collapse
  • Category: #books


% list of highlights

I will see that content three times inside the said note.

I already tried deleting everything and starting from scratch without success. How can I troubleshoot this?

@erinmoore → I just tried installing the Plug-in (Version 1.0.7)
iPad Pro (M1) On iPadOS 15.
The plug-in installs but the enable button is dead. I am syncing from my Mac install. I reproduced the same issue on iPhone running iOs15.


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Same issue here. @erinmoore, is getting your official plugin working with mobile (iPad Pro MA) on your roadmap?

@erinmoore I’m still facing the same issue as Isaac and danlandrum. I enjoy using the integration on my MacBook, but most of my work is done on either my iPad or iPhone. Any news on when mobile integration will be available? Thanks

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I’ve searched here and looked through the documentation for the Readwise Official plug-in but was unable to find the information I’m seeking. If anyone can help, I’d appreciate it. The two screenshots below show you what I’d like to do.

v2.0 seems to have some problems. getting “readwise: building export…” all the time. only way to fix is to delete the whole readwise folder and start from scratch.

Does it work with the Readwise Lite subscription ?

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