The left pane toggle/button moves to the right when activated, but the right pane toggle correctly remains in place when activated

OS: MacOS Sonoma

Steps to reproduce

  • Starting with both the left and right panes closed, either click or use the keyboard shortcut to open the left pane.
  • Now do the same to the right pane.
  • Notice how the toggle/buttons for the left and right pane behave differently when activated: the left pane button moves to the right (right-aligned with the left pane as it opens) whereas the right pane remains in place (right-aligned with the right pane)

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? [Y/N]

  • Yes
    Did you really try the above steps in the sandbox vault (or a just any vault started in restricted mode, no snippets and default theme)?
    It’s gonna break our heart to discard this bug report if didn’t do it! Please!
  • Yes, I really did.

Expected result

  • The left pane toggle/button should remain in place when the left pane is opened. Said another way, the left pane toggle should remain left-aligned with the left pane, and the right pane toggle should remain right-aligned with the right pane.
    What do you expect to see after carrying out the steps above?
  • The left pane toggle will remain in place when clicked.

Actual result

  • The left pane toggle moves to the right.


  • I’m not on desktop right now, my apologies if this messes with your review. I can send more info as needed later.

Additional information

Hello. I love you.

This is not a bug. The same happens in windows on the opposite side. There isn’t much space for the button to go since the windows’ control are there too.

If you don’t like it, use “Obsidian frame” instead of “hidden frame”. Settings->Appearance->Window frame style.

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Thank you, this is helpful. I appreciate the quick response.

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