The internal linking between 2 Obsidian Notes leads to a questionable result, which is not usable !


For my understanding, the internal linking brings results that I absolutely cannot understand.
From the pictures you can see my procedure. ( pls PDF-attachment-zip file)

The craziest part is the result:

Every time I link from the file Test1 to the file Test99 it is not linked to the original file 99 , but a completely new file99 is created . This can be seen by the fact that the new Test99 has no content at all, unlike the original Test99 file.

I cannot make any sense of this result.
Who knows more about how to avoid such results, or where I may have made a mistake.

Thanks for the support.

engl.PDF-Verlinkung von 2 Obsidian-Dateien (1.2 MB)

Sorry, I discovered my mistake. Apparently, I only manually put the name of the file to be linked in the square brackets. Apparently, it would have been correct to select the file from the list of displayed files.

Thanks for your understanding.

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