The content in my file disappeared every 15 minutes

When I am editting my file, the content of my file keep disappearing and turn the file into a blank space every 2-15 minutes. When I check the file, apparently there is an extra blank/empty file under the same name was created. I deleted that file but the issue remained and ofcourse, new empty file appeared. I was able to recover the content by Ctrl+Z but it is annoying everything it happens and makes me fear that I can loose my content for good.
I also tried to uninstall/disable all newly installed plugins but that did not solve the problem.

You might want to add some more context here :blush: :

  • Does this happens in Restricted Mode (i.e.: no plugins enabled, no css snippets and Obsidian’s default theme) ?
    (Rebooting Obsidian after disabling everything could be necessary :innocent: )
  • Where is your vault stored ? (locally on your device or somewhere else ?)
  • Do you sync your vault between devices ? (if yes, how ? :blush: )
  • Did you reboot Obsidian after deleting the “blank” duplicated note ? (Sometimes, it helps :smile: )
  • Which Obsidian’s version are you using ?
  • Etc…

As for this:

Please, back-up your vault :innocent: :pray: .

(Although the File recovery core plugin can sometimes be helpful in these situations, it won’t be as useful as a periodic/daily backup system in place :blush: )

Thank you very much for the reply, here are some updated info:

  • My vault store locally on my device
  • Obsidian version: v.1.5.12
  • I don’t sync vault between devices
  • After your answer, I turn on restricted mode and reboot obsidian, the problem appeared again after about 30 minutes. So I deleted the blank dublicated note and reboot Obsidian. The issue stayed remained, but this time I got a notification from obsidian saying:“the file was modified externally outside the vault, therefore a merge happened”. I was just reading my file during that.

We have had multiple reports like this. In all the other cases, the vault was stored in iCloud and iCloud was set to optimize space.

Where is your vault placed exactly, look at it in finder.

Thank you very much, it seems to be the reason, I changed the vault to local folder :+1: