The behavior of clicking image on mobile is weird

What I’m trying to do

When I clicking an image added to a note on Obsidian mobile app, image will be open, and keyboard will show up. I can type something. But I can’t see the input cursor, I don’t know where my input is.

For example, I type “What” after clicking an image, but where is “What”? Then Click image again, the image will be closed, I finally can see “What”.

Here are two screenshots about this:

My question: it’s a feature or a bug? It’s weird, I don’t like it so far. Why will a keyboard show up and no input cursor when clicking an image on mobile?

If it’s a feature, I would like to file a feature request about this.

If it’s a bug, I would like to file a bug report about this.

Things I have tried

I have asked this question on Discord server, but nobody answered.

How do you think?

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