The All Obsidian-Publish(s) Collection by Leo, Latest Update: 20210324

@egfrenzy this might be a relevant post: Sharing linked thinking on the web: methods for helping readers follow along


Hi Rosie, I really like the styling for your blockquotes and boldened letters. Would you mind sharing the code? I’d like to use it for one of my vaults.

edit: Oh its an Obsidian theme. I just found it. :sweat_smile:

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Guys I’m so sorry. I was ill. No COVID but couldn’t keep it up! I’ll try to catch up soon!

just getting it started so still bare bones. will be about creativity and design process as well as a personal blog and portfolio.


Eric Gregoric’s - OP is password protected and would love to know how to do this

@plashal Starting in version v0.10.8 (Insider Build), you can manage passwords to your Obsidian Publish vault from the Publish settings.

This is amazing, thank you!

I hope we have more threads like this or this one keeps updating.

The update is here. Sorry once again. Now I’m gonna have a look at discord to find more OPs and ad them. (Will take a bit longer, becaus I want to get the permission by the owners.) Have a nice day! - Leo

PS: does anyone know how to “hide” the poll?

hehe so many of my notes feel like rough drafts so “well manicured” feels like an unexpected compliment. :sweat_smile:

Perhaps it’s unexpected, but that’s my honest impression. :slight_smile: I only found notes who show exactly what the purpose of these notes is. On top there is a good structure, anyone who lands on your front page can easily navigate through.
Aaaaaaand I didn’t wanted to write “good structured vault” for the 9th time :wink:

Edit: I corrected your link, thank you for the hint :slight_smile:

Oh waw, this what I needed! This open my mind about how different the way of taking note can be. Especially how atomic a note can be. (And also that you can embed a newsletter sign up form, thanks to rosie!)

May I share mine? There are topics like programming, hardware, scuba diving, music, ideas, startups and all combined. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I will review it in a minute :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I significantly improved it since the day I post this message. Hope you’ll appreciate!

Hi all. Just set my new site up: Obsidian Publish

General blogging and logging about films, music, books.


I love this thread! I’m going through every single link. I’m nosy and really like seeing what everyone’s notes look like. I’ll contribute my own here as well. I write about software reliability and performance, programming, Dungeons & Dragons, and anything that takes my fancy. :slight_smile:


Hey @Katlar, thanks for the effort. It’s great to browse through all of the vaults. Although in it’s early stages, I’d like to add :seedling: mine as well :grin:

For now, it mostly features the :open_book: Bible Study in Obsidian Kit but will grow over time with notes and book notes on Faith, Technology, Productivity, The Bible, Culture and all it’s intersections! :heavy_multiplication_x:

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Thank you for your contribution, I will have a look at it and implement it soon!

Hi @Katlar , I might as well throw my hat in the ring…

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Thank you for putting this together

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Happy to share mine too: Obsidian Publish
Its the public part of my personal zettelkasten (not including sensitive notes and work/project related notes). Its currently (April 2021) around 340 notes. Main topics includes circus (pedagogy), communication, personal development.
Altough its in german, it might still be interesting for some.