The all-encompassing Obsidian homepage template (at least I hope so)

Thanks for your advice! I don’t mind the background so much (low priority :slight_smile: )

I can’t for the life of me find ‘ad-flex’ anywhere in the Blue Topaz css - was that perhaps in an older release? I tried a brand new vault with only admonitions installed and a fresh download of Blue Topaz. However, it does work for some reason anyway! :exploding_head:

EDIT: ok found it! yay google translate :smiley:

Am I right in thinking that was ‘triggers’ a new column in ad-flex is
<div> and </div> ?

yes it’s <div> that triggers the new column

I am having an error that says it can’t find my homepage even though I have a file and it is listed as my homepage. I tired going in and re- adding it as my homepage, but it still won’t work. What do you think is going wrong?