The ability to reveal the file location of multiple internal links on a note all at once

So this would be a good feature for people that heavily rely on internal links by using Maps of Content or just in general.

Let’s say I made a note for writing multiple newsletters. On that note would be internal links to newsletter #1, newsletter #2, and so forth, or maybe the links are named based on the topic of the newsletter. What if sometime in the future, you wanted to move those newsletter files to a new vault, or an archive folder? Would you click on each internal link and find each individual newsletter one at a time, that would be tedious.

My Suggestion

Users should be able to select all internal links on a note, and be able to right-click to select “Reveal file location of all internal links”. After this function is carried out, users will be able to move those internal notes, delete them, or duplicate them.


For now, the work around is to use folders to easily manage files but then, linking just gets harder.

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Suggestion to requested feature

Maybe add the ability to select multiple links in the ‘Outgoing Links’ while holding ctrl or shift + click to select multiple, and drag them from the sidebar to a folder of choice to move.

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