Thank you for developing the desktop and the mobile app!

Today I decided to support the developers becoming an insider because I’m happy with the desktop version and glad the files are in my control (being text files on my hard drive) and… man I didn’t know how cool the mobile version is !!!

I’m super happy to now have all my vaults on my smartphone always with me.

THANK YOU Developers !



I love seeing posts like this. Always nice to recognize how great things are instead of only finding faults. :smiley_cat:


I just did the same thing! Looking forward to getting the mobile apps and using Obsidian on all my devices. Did you purchase the sync as well?

No, I didn’t purchase the Sync, because I use mainly a corporate notebook where I’m not allowed to install stuff (luckily I was able to install Obsidian) and I’m unable to access the community plugin repository, Dropbox etc, so I’m afraid that also the Sync would be blocked.

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If you are not buying Sync, I’m curious how would you be able to access your vault and notes from desktop?

The company I work for allows only to use the corporate OneNote and OneDrive accounts (all the rest like Dropbox, Drive etc is blocked). Even the OneNote is setup up in a way that I’m unable to back the notes up. That’s why I decided that I wanted to be in control of my knowlegde and ended up using Obsidian:

  1. Every week I make a backup on an external hard drive
  2. the notes are in text format, so even if Obsidian blows up at any point in the future, I’ll be able to still use them with other tools

I own a corporate smartphone, so of course there too is blocked some stuff (can’t install Dropbox app, but can access it by browser) and, as long as OneDrive is used by the corporate, I use the app called OneSync to sync the vaults from the corporate OneDrive to the Obsidian directory on my smartphone.

Thanks for replying!
Okay, so if I understand correctly you use OneSync and a folder in OneDrive as your vault, which allows you to access Obsidian from any device. Is that what you mean?

All corect except: “any” device.

Any device owned by my corporate: I’m unable to connect to my corporate OneDrive account with any device that is NOT owned by the corporate (for example from the personal computer of my wife (I don’t own a personal one)).
In that case I take an USB stick and swap the vaults from my work PC to my wife’s PC (operation that I do once in a whiel, when I want to automatically update the community plugins, because witht the work PC I don’t get through the firewall).
Altough up to now the core update of Obsidian continues to work even from my work PC (plan B would the same what I do to update the community plugins)

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I am using iCloud. Once I installed the iOS App, I clicked on “create vault” and then it created a dedicated folder for Obsidian in my iCloud Drive. Then I moved my vault that was saved on my computer to that iCloud folder. Now I can access on all devices.

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Okay now I understand. You use the android app of Obsidian? What’s your review of the app?

So the phone app allows to open a folder in iCloud/G Drive, or create a new folder? If yes then I think syncing won’t be a problem

I’m really happy, there are minor improvements due (on one note I wasn’t able to do a line break, community plugins aren’t yet fully supported etc.) because it’s still a beta version, but I’m really happy with it:

  • I’m able to create notes on the go
  • I’ve always all my notes with me

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