TextBundle support

I saw this posted as a feature request and thought to mention it here as a plugin. Anyone else interested?


Here’s the feature request: TextBundle format, editing history, Mobile

Just for the record, the line between feature requests and plugin ideas is rather fuzzy. Obsidian’s developers look at both, and I imagine plugin developers will do the same. We have discussed collapsing the two categories into a “feature ideas” category, though I think there could be value in seeing what people think is core vs. plugin over the long term.

(Still, happy to have this conversation in two different places.)


I am very interested in textbundle support


That should help so much the attachment management for new users. UP UP UP


I have three requests.

Will the developers support the TextBundle format?

In Markdown, there are two ways to insert pictures:

  • One is to store pictures on the server
  • The other is to save the picture locally

This is always inconvenient for the storage of pictures. For most people who use Markdown, picture display is still a very strong demand. Will the developers support the TextBundle format (http://textbundle.org/) in the future?

The TextBundle format cleverly packages photos and Markdown files together.

Markdown editing history
For example, Notion page history.

iOS or Android system support
Will there be plans for iOS and Android?



I do see support for textbundle in form of a plugin at some point.

We do plan to have our internal service and to support versioning.
Also, popular third party file syncronization services provide versioning of files (e.g. Dropbox does).

Yes, there will be a mobile app.


+1 on TextBundle support.


+1 for this.

Specific use case: I have some pdfs that aren’t OCR’d and not even tessearct does a good job with them (old Latin prints, etc.). When I mark them, my pdf editor – since it can’t just clip the highlights as text – creates a textbundle from them, with the clippings as pictures.

Current workaround: I can see these in Obsidian but as separate jpg’s, and it’s not ideal (no scrolling, etc.). Marked2 opens them as a nice markdown file; it would be really nice to have something similar in Obsidian.

+1 for Textbundle support!


Adding my +1 for Textbundle support

EDIT: I should add, my perfect implementation would be to use standard .md text files as the default but automatically convert them to the textbundle format when an attachment is added to the note.


Just adding my support for TextBundle support. Even if it’s not a native structure, it would be nice if Obsidian recognized a TextBundle that I have in my vault and not treat it as a folder.


my perfect implementation would be to use standard .md text files as the default but automatically convert them to the textbundle format when an attachment is added to the note.

This, exactly.


+1 for Textbundle support. Handeling images in markdown is a nightmare.

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Textbundle please!

Maybe as a first step an textbundle import/export plugin could be developed, as it would facilitate the sharing of .md files with embedded images and the like?

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Textbundle is originally a folder contains .md + images and then compress to .textpack when exchanging. Sounds like .docx, right? However, .docx files can be edited directly by MS Word while .textpack files cannot be edited directly (correct me if I am wrong), we need to decompress it and edit text.markdown(the name is fixed) inside.

So, in my opinion that support importing from .textpack & exporting to .textpack is enough (just like Zettlr). Obsidian doesn’t need to support textbundle folders (means recognize a textbundle folder and show it as a note in file map). I don’t want to have many textbundle folder in my vault.

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TextBundle support would be VERY much appreciated!

PLEASE consider implementing it.

Options: Recognizing a TextBundle (thereby avoiding the folder issue), including an export to TextBundle option, creating an Export to TextBundle plugin.

Handling of images in Markdown was preventing me from giving it any further serious consideration but the discovery of TextBundle gives me hope!



Textbundle support will be awesome!


+1 I’ve recently stumbled across the Textbundle format and think it’s an excellent format to make plaintext files easier to manage and bridges the gap between regular plaintext and self-contained but inaccessible formats like Word.docx. Like others have said I think support for it would massively improve management of images and other linked attachments.


much needed feature. Handling images is a mess.


TextBundle needed