Text wrap indentation for lists is slightly off

Steps to reproduce

start a list (only tested with unordererd list) write enough text to have a text wrap around. It doesnt happen 100% off the time but its definetly noticeable with bigger list with multiple list entries that wrap around.
now restart obsidian into the last written file.

Expected result

the indentation of the text wrap should be exactly at the same beginning as the start of the line

Actual result

Indentation is slightly off, sometimes to the left, sometimes to the right. The indentation will be reset to the way it should be, when changing the font size (ctrl + mouse wheel)


Linux, AppImage

Pop OS 21.10

(tested with all custom css snippets and plugins deactivated and using the light theme)

Edit: it seems to mostly occur for 2nd level (and higher) indentations in lists and most of the time it the text wrap skews to the left.

post a screen recording of this happening in the help vault and attach a file that is causing it.

Also what is your obsidian version and installer version.