Text Selection on Mobile

What I’m trying to do

Select and edit text in Obsidian on mobile.

Things I have tried

Searching the forum and web for text selection on mobile in obsidian.

Text selection on mobile is noticably more difficult than on other apps such as Google docs, Microsoft office, and Gmail. The selection jumps or disappears or is otherwise difficult to use.

Many people have addressed specific aspects of this problem (selecting down or up, from this side or that) but I didn’t find any solutions and it seems to be a more general problem.

Have I missed a solution that works? Is there a way to improve text selection capabilities on mobile Obsidian?

Do we know why text selection is harder on Obsidian than other apps? I tried the pdf/epub annotator, but it seems unusable on mobile due to this problem.

I’m using android (redmi 12).

Any help would be appreciated!
Thanks :slight_smile: