Text readability plugin to see how readable is a note

I’d like to be able to trigger a thing and to see how readable is a note I’m currently looking at.

Here’s how it looks in Zettlr:


  • Green: the sentence is easy to read.
  • Light green: not perfect, but should be fine.
  • Light orange: a little complex, could possibly be simplified.
  • Orange: fairly complex, should be rewritten or separated into two sentences.
  • Red: look at this abomination of a sentence.

Zettlr has a nice demo page, as well as Wikipedia links to four algorithms they’ve implemented: https://www.zettlr.com/readability

A little more documentation is available here: https://docs.zettlr.com/en/academic/readability/

I’m assuming that this plugin would be mostly useful to those that write output based on their notes: bloggers / journalists, script writers, copywriters and similar.

I’ve placed the #editor tag because this provides an actionable result, making it not ideal for the preview feature.


I’m trying to set up one of my Obsidian vaults as a writing workspace and a plugin like this would be an important part of that setup.

For me, Obsidian works well as a note-taking application but less well as writing application, and something like this would help me to move more of my ‘serious’ writing into Obsidian. I move back and forth from Obsidian to apps like Zettlr, but I keep wanting to stay in Obsidian.