Text files as the foundation of knowledge base


The choice of text files as foundation of Obsidian was made based on fact that text files can be viewed and edited because txt format is not proprietary. Another format - html - is also not proprietary but has opening and closing which distract viewer from digesting information. Adding a lot of markdown codes in text files will make txt and html files almost similar. In both cases we need editor and viewer. In both cases we will see extra codes, but IMHO html is more flexible and has more power.
In case Obsidian will not be developed we can view and edit html files with a myriad of html editors.
Is it any reason I missed?

Markdown was chosen because it’s a textual format with a simple markup that maintains human interpretability and direct human input.
Markdown files, even the ones with a lot of markup, are still far more human usable and close to txt files then the equivalent html files.