Text Expanders vs Templates Plugin

What are the benefits of using one instead of the other?

It seems that those that are already using text expanders don’t have much use for the templates plugin, that’s my experience anyway. But are there any benefits of using the plugin that text expanders don’t provide? And vice versa? And which do you personally use?

Not everyone uses text expanders or wishes to install one. Using templates would provide an in-app solution to a commonly requested feature and should be accessible to more people.

Seems to me Template Plug-In(s) would be available to the whole of the Obsidian universe. Text Expanders would only be for a subset.

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I am currently using an expander (Breevy) but being able to have templates with dynamic placeholders available in any computer I open my vault in, would be amazing!

I’ve been thinking… it seems that it’s more convenient to rely on the templates plugin than on text expanders due to the fact that I can easily see what the output would look like whereas text expanders require more testing.

I also realized that almost every single one of my scripts are for Obsidian, so it’s making less sense to rely on text expanders. That said, text expanders certainly have more functionality.