Text-based shortcuts/abbreviations/snippets/hotkeys

There’s an amazing iOS app called Editorial. One of my favorite features is the ability to assign abbreviations/shortcuts - when you type a certain text, it can be replaced by a different text. It’s kind of like snippets in VS Code, except they can also trigger editor commands.

For example:

  • Typind “ddd” will replace the d’s with today’s date (“2021-08-29”).
  • Typing “ttt” replaces the t’s with the current time.
  • Typing “eee” will move the cursor to the end of the document.
  • Typing “iii” will run a custom python script I wrote that will paste text from iBooks and remove the annoying copyright notice.

This is extremely flexible, powerful, and useful. Especially on mobile, where you can’t conveniently use keyboard hotkeys.

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It would be useful during writing on non-English, when must switch language for one or two symbols only (# ot [[, for example). I would prefer set my custom abbrevs for it. For example, type two russian characters ‘х’ together and see autoreplacing to [[.

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