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Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.16

Rant (somewhat) Alert.

I am aware of the ‘illness situation’ surrounding the Obsidian app(s), thanks to a couple posts by Licat on Discord. But…I’m beginning to become concerned. Specifically, unless a User also spends some time in Discord the response to items (Bug Reports/Feature Requests) left in this part of the Forum (Mobile) is…in my humble opinion…lacking.

  • There has been NO update to the List of Known Mobile issues in several days. Is there no one, aside from the Devs, (read:Moderators) who can update that post?
  • there was a brief post in the Discord Announcements section regarding Sync being down recently because of a provider issue (with NO follow up, since I last looked). For any of us who may have placed our eggs in the Obsidian Sync option, communication with this type of ‘issue’ is critical.
  • why is there no place a mobile tester can go to find out which plugins offered by the ‘apps’ do NOT currently work in mobile?

We often do things in batches.

The issue was solved by the provider. Tha announcement is in the same place of the autage announcement.

Because maitaining such a list requires time that we don’t have. The mobile app itself isn’t ready, why should we spend time to go through the plugins one by one periodically to maintain this list up to date?

I don’t want this to sound off-putting. But the mobile app is in alpha testing, it sounds like you want a polished expirience. We are not there yet. If you are frustrated, maybe just wait until it’s in better shape.

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No problem, your answering a question I asked. I don’t want a polished experience. I wanted the privilege of using what I knew to be a pre-pre-Alpha release version of the iPadOS app WHILE trying to help the amazing Devs debug the product before even Beta release. Big win for me/maybe small win for them. I was a little frustrated submitting what I thought we’re bug reports that I could not see any response to. Wasn’t looking for any elaborate response to everyone’s submissions, just maybe an auto response that acknowledges the issue so I could move on to the next. That’s all.:wink:

How about looking at it the other way around. For those of us who install Plugins from within Obsidian (and not manually from GitHub), why not limit the one’s available to us to those plugins you know work on/with the current Obsidian app version. As soon as ‘you’ become aware of an issue with a particular plugin, remove it from the selection list. The onus would then be on the plugin developer to correct the issue instead of the user wondering if/why it doesn’t work.

This answer should be sufficient to answer most of the questions here.

In 0.0.17, we’ve added a warning on plugin pages if the author has indicated that the plugin is not designed for mobile use, which should help a lot.

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