Terrible spellcheck/Custom dictionaries/Improving spellcheck

Is there any way to improve spellcheck or add custom dictionaries? Because if I’m honest, default dictionaries are terrible and are only good for checking the most popular words not more.

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Hi @Helikopter

If a word is underlined as being spelled wrong and you are sure it is right, you can right click and choose “add to dictionary”, which will create a custom dictionary entry.

To delete from the list of words you put in you can go to Settings | Editor | Spell Check | Gear Icon

From Obsidian Help doc:
“the gear next to Spell Check reveals the custom dictionary, so you can remove words you may have accidentally added.”

There doesn’t seem to be any way to bulk import words though. And I don’t know where the custom dictionary file is stored or it’s format.

This is afik the most that can be done concerning custom spellcheck.

Kind of a workaround: I found this plugin that supports auto-completions from a custom dictionary. So maybe we can compile a dictionary and rely more on auto-completion than actually typing?

There’s definitely more wrong with the spellcheck than just the dictionary only including the most popular words.


If this is some sort of misguided grammar check, it should be marked differently, but I’m sure as hell not adding the word “than” as a custom word to my spellcheck dictionary.

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