Temporary line wrap while typing long note names

Use case or problem

I use long note titles and a zoomed interface so it makes me a bit uneasy to regularly be composing titles without seeing them entirely and also dealing with the fade gradient at the cursor.

Proposed solution

One solution would be to allow a temporary pop up box to appear once you reached the limit of the note title. I would think it would be best for it to have line wrap. This could be toggled in settings and off by default for those against the idea.

As a side note, it could also have an indicator once you have reached the maximum length, but I will create a separate request for that.

Current workaround (optional)

One workaround is composing the note title in a pinned note, then creating a link and Ctrl clicking it to create the note. One bonus to this method is that you get line wrap as well as spellcheck applied as you create the title.

Related feature requests (optional)