Temporary fullscreen of notes

When working with multiple notes, the space to write in gets small, it’s harder to handle the notes and with different notes open it’s challenging to stay focused.

I think an option to maximize a note and then to get back to the view with multiple notes quickly, would really help in the workflow.

Maybe just a shortcut “focus on note”, which will hide all other notes and when pressing it again, the previous view will get restored.


With the limitation of single monitor.

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+1. I would find this exceptionally helpful also.

Good idea! This could also extend to being a focus mode for writing where all interface elements are hidden and the cursor always stays in the middle on the screen.


This is needed - having 4-5 panes is nice but sometimes you just want to fullscreen one for 10 min or so to work on it - currently we have to break all the layout we setup every time?


totally agree with you
i always have to consider which note could be repalced

I love this idea! I run a tiling window manager and already do this with different windows all the time. The ability to do this in obsidian would be great.

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Would love to have some kind of “Focus the note you are editing” mode too. Ideally to toggle with a keyboard shortcut. I am using the andy matuschak mode with the horizontal scroll. It would be so nice if I could scroll through the notes that I am currently referencing and then quickly focus into a note that I want to edit.

Agreed. Had a similar idea: Toggle between custom pane layout and custom “single note” pane layout



Quickly jumping in and out of distraction free mode via keyboard shortcut would be super handy… I wonder if this even needs to be integrated, maybe it could just be a plugin?

Isn’t this already a plugin? The Maximize Active Pane plugin by @death_au seems to do basically this, unless I’m missing something.


Oh wow, indeed there is. Thank you @EleanorKonik, that’s exactly what I was looking for :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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