Templates for Canvas

Use case or problem

I can imagine many situations where I would prefer not to start on a “blank canvas”, but with some sort of “structure” already in place.
Maybe I want to create some sort of Weekplan and want columns for the weekdays or I want to create some sort of a Kanban-Board/Gant-Diagramm etc.

Proposed solution

In those cases it would be really nice if we could create templates for Canvas!
Allow us to create Layouts and save them as a Canvas-Template which we can choose to use as a starting point when creating a new Canvas-File!

Current workaround (optional)

Currently one could create the layout as a picture, drag it into the canvas and use it as a “background” to position the cards on top of that picture, but this approach is not easily editable from within the canvas file (the image is static) and therefore it lacks a lot of flexibility :slight_smile: