Templater to dispatch UID notes and recognize by name where folders setting comes short

It took a while to figure out the approach, so I think it’s shareworthy.

It is an attempt to have a meta template (sorry for the buzzword):

  1. one flow for all notes created (either thru a non-existing link, with a shortcut, or generated by other plugins where possible):

    • nesting of templates is possible
    • moving of notes is possible
    • renaming of notes is possible
  2. apply specific templates based on note name (initially I wanted to be as independent of a note’s name, eventually, that became a trade-off to be in line with point 1):

    • to be able to choose the template per note name or metadata
    • folder templates in plugin settings hadn’t worked with regular expression or date placeholder
    • to be able to generate ZK unique ID for note naming convention (optional, a matter of personal preference)

Here is how it looks thus far:

let templates = {};
const fileTitle = tp.file.title;
//tp.file.day will be appreciated here 
const fileDate = moment(fileTitle);
if (isNaN(fileDate.toDate()) == false) {
  const keys = fileDate.format("YYYYMMDDHHmm,YYYY-MM-DD,GGGG-[W]WW,YYYY-MM,YYYY-[Q]Q,YYYY").split(',');
  const values = "zettelid,daily,weekly,monthly,quarterly,yearly".split(',');
  keys.forEach((key,i) => templates[key] = values[i]);
} else {
  templates[fileTitle] = "zettelid";
const templatePath = "[" + "[" + "metadata/templates/journal-" + templates[fileTitle] + "-template" + "]" + "]";
tR += await tp.file.include(templatePath);

The only part I miss is to make ZK UID work with Note compose or Note refactor.

I’m no expert with JS, so feel free to beautify, if you see a more laconic way (esp. the part with Obsidian link, most of the samples with tp.file.include refer to a static wiki link, so I experimented with dynamic template path) :slight_smile:

Default template for new note (cltr-n, click to non-existing note) - Feature requests - Obsidian Forum

I have several templates and want them to fire based on the file name (per date or regexp). I ended up with the main template to rule ‘em all. Tried other ways beforehand and haven’t found the options’ combination to cover all desired points :slight_smile:

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