Templater to create a new note that is linked to a specific root note

Things I have tried

I could not find examples of templates that manipulate third-party notes (not the current or new note). I spent the evening trying to use Templater commands to achieve this. no luck.

What I’m trying to do

I would like a template that

  • IGNORES the current note;
  • creates a note in the “meetings” folder with a title prompted for from the user
  • prepends a link from a special pre-existing note call ALL_MEETINGS to this new note.

I can use ‘move’ to get the note where it belongs, but I don’t know how to insert the link in ALL_MEETINGS. This feels like Templater should be able to do it. But I cannot figure out how. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Note, even a partial solution that just used something like tp.system.prompt to get the sub notes title and used it both in the note name and the link reference to that note would be of value. (Even using ‘await’ I still kept getting the object promise, not the input value. Ugh!)

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