Templater list from subfolders


let’s assume I have the following folder structure for my obsidian notes:

   > folder1
      |_ subfolder_1.1
      |_ subfolder_1.2
      |_ subfolder_1.3
   > folder2
      |_ subfolder_2.1
      |_ subfolder_2.2
      |_ subfolder_2.3
      |_ subfolder_2.4
   > folder3
      |_ subfolder_3.1
      |_ subfolder_3.2

I want to create a template using templater with a popup list with the list of subfolders in folder1, for which i use:

let subfolders= await tp.system.suggester(["subfolder_1.1", "subfolder_1.2","subfolder_1.3"],["subfolder_1.1", "subfolder_1.2","subfolder_1.3"] ) ;

How can modify the above, so that instead of providing the list of folders in tp.system.suggester , I could provide, e.g., the path to folder1and that list would be created dynamically?

Thank you.

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