Templater, daily_quote, Unsplash and GPT-3

What I’m trying to do

I would like to use templater to do this:
1. Extract the first paragraph (which is the random quote) from the note.
2. With the GPT-3 plugin tell it to describe the quote in one word. It should be in English because it is better for Unsplash searches.
3. Use that word to pull an image from Unsplash.
4. Translate the quote into Spanish (GPT-3 also translates).
5. Replace the quote at the beginning with the text translated to Spanish.
6. From all this procedure only the quote and the image should be left.
The only thing I know is that for the daily quote I should use: <% tp.web.daily_quote() %>, and for the images: <% tp.web.random_picture("400", "search_term") %>.

Does anyone have any idea, what guide to follow to achieve this, should it be with JavaScript or with the options given by Templater?

I’m questioning all the use of GPT-3 for this stuff, and what’s the value of the results given from that, but that’s me. You want to ensue this, so lets give a few pointers.

The main pointer is that seems to call for the Execution Commands - Templater of Templater. This would allow you to store the response from daily quotes and images, and store them in intermediate variables, and also to introduce them into your note when properly processed.

Within this context of the execution commands, you can pretty much follow the outline you’ve already written, and then insert the processed elements into the tR variable to insert it into the note here and there throughout the script.

So in summary, you’ll need to use javascript within an execution command Templater block to achieve your goals, but it should indeed be doable.

My reason for this is that

  1. my native language is Spanish.
  2. I would like there to be a relationship between the quote and the image.
  3. GPT-3 has the ability to summarize the quote in one word, so it would serve as an intermediary between the quote and the image. If you know of another way to do this I would appreciate it if you could let me know

Don’t really know another method, so as such your approach could be work, as I indicated as it being “doable”. However, I’m maybe just a little ignorant in the sense that I don’t really see the need for a random image potentially connected to a quote based on so much randomness. I would either do a manual search to get something which truly connects with the quote, or potentially draw a sketch myself, or just leave out the image altogether.

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