Templater create multiple notes from one template

Create a note and have templater automatically create more notes

What I would like to have happen:

I have a projects folder and I have an invoices folder. I have a template, using templater, setup for any notes created in the projects folder. I also have a template setup for the Invoices folder.

What I would like to do is create a note in the Projects folder and when I do I would like the template to automatically create a new note in the Invoices folder based on a name format that could be created from the name of the project, and then have a link to project note inside the invoice note and vice versa.

So basically when I create a project, the invoice gets created as well. And I could see later on setting up other project files like this, but I will start with the invoice.

I just start with Obsidian a few days ago so my learning curve is very steep but I did search around for something like this and just couldnt find anything.

I found the tp.file.create function in templater. Had to deal with some sync issues, but got it all working as hoped.

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