Templater: Create a new note from templater (and open in a new pane )

Guys is there a way in a templater command that when i hit the hotkey “Create a new note from templater” it didnt change the current file to the new one ?
*without having to pin the current file

i dont know if is possible to do this,
i have this templater setup that it gets the frontmatter of the father and adds a link to the father:

<%* let parent_tfile = tp.config.active_file;
let parent_cache = app.metadataCache.getFileCache(parent_tfile);
let tag= parent_cache.frontmatter[“tags”];
let tit= parent_tfile.basename;

aliases: []
tags: [<% await tag %>]

:small_red_triangle:: [[<% await tit %>]]


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