Templater Automate Adding Files to Folders based on Date?

I created a daily summary template, but it’s not really cutting it.

Here is the script:

tag: booth
summary: “”
<% await tp.file.move("/Booth/Daily-Work-Summary " + tp.date.now(“YYYY”) + “/” + tp.file.title) %>

<% tp.file.rename("Daily Work Summary - " + tp.date.now(“DD-MM-YY”)) %>
<% tp.date.now(“DD-MM-YY”) %>

Ideally I want to be able to create my notes and add them to a daily folder based on date. I generally take lots of notes and I want to be able to sperate them as I currently have to link them to my daily work summary.

is this possible?

My workflow would be:

Create note - write my note
Assign template - so booth note for example
Then add that note to a folder with the date
Then all of the additional notes I create that date are added to that folder

That way I can review my notes based on the date each week.

Thanks for your help.

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