Template to show only certain fields/metadata/paragraphs of the note as opposed to the entire thing?

What I’m trying to do

I created a template for every contact. It has some metadata, some headings with items underneath.

  1. Can I create a view for this data with only those fields that are still empty for me to fill in? (or review, or export)
  2. Can I have a template that will show this data in a different format? Only certain fields?
    E.g. for a networking connection - only business-related data that I wish to export and share with someone; for a client - fields in regards to our projects; for a friend - only things about his family.

Can I do this with Obsidian? Scripts, exports, templates, plugins? What can help me to create this or do I need an alternative program altogether?

Things I have tried

I’ve looked into DataView - it seems to be a only for lists of notes, multiple note display. I don’t see how to create a dynamic alternative view for a single note and format it accordingly…

I’ve looked into linking: again, it is for every note done by hand. I’d love automatically be able to see those alternative views.

I’ve seen scripts referencing this.metadata-field - I am still very new to Obsidian; would love-love-love more information what they are and where to read more about it… still trying to figure out its full potential.

Not entirely understanding your use case, I think the combination of Dataview and MetaData might achieve your goals. Here is the gist of such a solution:

  • First of all turn off showing of properties
  • Create dataview queries to present the properties you want to be able to see or edit
  • Link up that query with the metadata plugin to allow for editing when appropriate
  • Create templates having all properties, and a dv.view() presenting the queries (and still allowing for easy editing of the underlying logic)

So, is this possible, yes, I believe so. Is it your best option/use case, that’s another thing. You might want to go down this path, but I would also consider taking a step back and look deeper into your use case, as I foresee some bumps into the road to make this work as intended.

Thank you for your answer!
My struggle with DataView - it seems to be geared to display multiple notes as one view. I am trying to have just one note - formated in a different way.

E.g.: People template=>New client has fields such as skills, hobbies, children, work address, projects, meetings, etc.

I want to create a form and print it, showing only specific fields: e.g. work address and projects, but not the personal information I keep a record of as well… so that I can print it and ask questions pertaining to information about the project that I am still missing.

Basically, I am trying to build myself a list of questions I still need to address in consultation, skipping the rest of the fluff/data/notes I keep about him for my own reference.

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