Template that automatically backlinks/writes something if i input a link to a note in a certain folder

I mainly use obsidian as a log, in which the diary folder is central, and the daily notes inside acts as a hub. I have another folder with “guides”, which are diverse procedures i log and advance, keeping track of my progress and things i need to fix

What I’m trying to do

Say, today october 25th is lawnmowing day:

i normally would go to diary/october 25th, and under “tasks:” i would write “- advanced [[gardening]]”

then i would go to guides/gardening, and at the end i would link [[october 25th]], and under the link i would write “today i lawn mowed blahblah”


i would like to go directly to guides/gardening, just link [[october 25th]] and start logging my activity, while obsidian automatically picks up that im linking a note from the diary folder (october 25th), in a note inside the guides folder (gardening), so it writes in october 25th (the linked note) under the tasks section: “Advanced [[gardening]]” (the note which the link comes from)

i know the templater plugin detects in which folder you’re creating a note and assigns a template, so maybe using that engine this could be achieved

im quite noob so i apologize if theres a known way to do this, i’ve searched phrasing it in quite a few manners but either there isn’t a post (maybe because its too straightforward to do) or i just don’t have the knowledge to use the right words in my search.

How about just tagging the task with a completion date, and then let your daily notes show all completed tasks from this particular date?

You would then go to the gardening page and write:

- [x] Moved the lawn. Again. [completion:: 2023-10-25]

Or if you don’t want to see the field name:

- [x] (completion:: 2023-10-25) Moved the lawn. Yet again.

And in the diary note, given it’s named 2021-10-25, there is a section like:

## Accomplished tasks
WHERE completion = file.date

PS! This last section you would of course insert into your daily template, so you don’t ever have to think about it again.

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