[Template] Smart MOC/Tags with List and hierarchy auto-tags

Hello there!

I’m new at Obsidian and I’m dying as it’s as powerful as UX unfriendly.

In order to improve my notes classification, I would love to have better MOC and Tags system. There is what I would love to have:

  • Pre-formated a Note Template (good so far) where we have a MOC section with a “+” sign, that every time we click, will pop a list of MOC/Tags/… we created to easy fill the header of the notes. Way easier than search for “[[” and search into the thousands of lines…
    By the way, it should be color friendly with colors assigned to each MOC in the list we create. Today, Obsidian is very not catchy to the eyes. It should be as beautiful as useful.
  • The notes are stored in cascade folders (Architects structure) that can follow a logical structure (Psychology/Cognitive/Clinical Practices) that are as many MOCs/Tags. It would make sense to be able that each new note created in a folder inherit the tags of the folders it’s contained in…
  • At last, the folders themselves are a note (more like a table of content). There is a Pluggin to merge a folder as a note but it should be a feature by design.

I would love to read you about your reactions, maybe to learn that there is already those options or plugging to do the work, or maybe think together to a way to improve our collective experience.

I’m sorry for my Frenglish and maybe suggesting already existing content that I couldn’t find.

Looking forward to read your answers;
Have a great day :wink: