Template + Pop-up window to feed yaml metadata

Is there a plugin or a method to display a pop up when creating a file from a template that allows/reminds to populate yaml metadata?
For example, I have a template for a crm note, here are some


I’d like a pop-up to appear when the file is created, asking me to enter the company, email and website of the person added.

I would look closely at Templater and the accompanying descriptions. It will do what you need, and you won’t need to code…

Thank you, I will do!

You can also use Metadata Menu to define Fileclass to your note and then use Metadata Button to manage metadata of your note.

Video about Metadata Menu and using Fileclasses: Metadata Menu 0.3.0 Supercharged Tags and Metadata Button - YouTube

You can use QuickAdd to make macros that create notes with some post actions like opening the metadata view. Some other useful post actions include opening a second note like cheat sheet or plan to sidebar that you will be using when working with your note.

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