Template live updates

I have create a template is since I have start using it I have made many small updates and every time I have to go my already finished characters to make the new additions. Is there any easy way to make this updates? So every time when I make. Change to my templates the same change to apply to all the pages that I have use my templates??

What I’m trying to do

I’m sorry to say that I don’t think that’s possible. What you could do, which potentially could help you a little, is to include some version numbering into the template, which then is inserted into the notes, and then you can manually keep track of what changes you’ve done from one version to another.

This way, you could also do searches through your vault to identify which notes needs to be updated when you update a given template.

Alternatively, it kind of depends on what kind of changes you do to your templates. If you for example tend to use dataview queries, it’s possible to move these out of your notes, and into separate files, so that they’re not hardcoded into your notes. If you then update the query, all notes using that query will use the updated version immediately.

If you do simple typographical changes, you could maybe do search and replace using tools like VS Code. But if you add/remove sections and so on, that could become tricky again.


Thank you very much about these ideas !

Looks like that really aren’t so many options about it!!

I think I will have to keep track about it via Version!